Daycare Advertising Strategies Part 2 – More Tips to Increase Enrollment

Increasing daycare center enrollment requires advertising strategies that is effective and accepted in your local community – that is, depending on your target customers’ taste and preferences, some advertising will work better than others. Determining which advertising strategy is effective in terms of response rate and cost can only be determined through time and experience. Ensure that you try out many advertising methods.The following are more advertising strategies that are commonly used by daycare centers:Open HousesYou can conduct regularly scheduled open houses to provide potential customers an opportunity to tour your daycare center.Newspaper AdsPlease explore the idea of posting ads in your local newspapers, specifically your community newspaper, if available. Community newspapers are delivered and read by people in your local market. Having your daycare center ad posted in the newspaper creates visibility and business presence around your community.

SchoolsVisit the elementary schools around your neighborhood. Speak to the principal and staff about your daycare center service. School staff are great referrals to daycare centers around the community. In addition, the principal may allow you to post your daycare center ad in their school’s bulletin board, which is viewed by many parents.Word of MouthBy continually providing excellent quality childcare services, word of mouth naturally follows. You accomplish this by maintaining a daycare environment that is of the highest quality through your center policies and procedures. If your daycare center is not full, let everyone know that you are looking for more children to care for. For daycare centers, many customers are generated through referrals and word of mouth.Community EventsCommunity involvement activities position your daycare center as a company that cares about the community. This sends a message to your prospects and customers that is often aligned with what they support and value, and it makes them feel good about being your customer. This generates good will, and genuine interest in your services. Word-of-mouth normally follows as well.FlyersDistributing flyers is also a very good advertising strategy to generate potential customers. With flyers, you have the ability to deliver your daycare information to every house in your neighborhood. This quickly generates awareness and business presence around your community. Please ensure you deliver flyers to new housing subdivisions and apartments. Apartments are great location for flyers because of its high turnover rate – that is, families are always moving in and out of apartments, providing a constant supply of new families with young children.

Other Advertising IdeasOther promotional methods that could be utilized are listed below:Have a yard sale and distribute information about the center
Develop giveaway hats, bookmarks, t-shirts and mugs that bear the mark of your daycare
Sponsor workshops for local Early Childhood Educators to be held at your daycare
Participate in a community clean up fair; invite families and staff
Children’s Christmas concert
Build your own daycare newsletter to be distributed to parents. The newsletter should contain articles and information that is relevant to the parent (e.g. new staff in your daycare, craft activities that parents can do with their children, etc.). Naturally, this will create word-of-mouth as well.
Create posters and post them in community bulletin boards